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A Very Clear New Year

What will you do in 2016?
What will you prioritise?
Do you know where you're going in the next 12 months?

As everything winds down for Christmas and the slow first days of January lie ahead, it's a natural time to look back over the year that's passed and start making plans for the one that is coming. 

And everyone knows that New Year's Resolutions are fun, but futile.

If you want to be clear next year, the Very Clear Ideas process can quickly uncover where you are and what matters most. 

'A Very Clear New Year' is a one-hour Skype session that starts with the question: What will I be doing next year?
Through questioning and conversation, you can get clear on competing interests, creative blocks and unexamined assumptions.
At the end, you can leave with a one-liner that sums up your intention for 2016. 

A one-liner... and focus, passion, enthusiasm and a crystal clear vision for the year ahead.

"That was great. I feel very, very motivated now: the ideas are really much more clear." - Catia, December 2015

"Amazing. Four new customers in this week, by being clear. The best workshop ever." - Fenny, December 2015

Later Event: April 28
How to have very clear ideas