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How to have very clear ideas

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Are you able to sum up your life's purpose in a line?
Can you explain, simply, accurately, how the thing you're doing at work today contributes to what you're doing longer-term?
Do you wish you could speak truthfully and openly with precision about each and every project you undertake? With heartfelt clarity?

This one-day workshop presents a very simple tool for clarifying ideas. How to start with an idea that's not very clear and - reliably - find your way to making it very clear in a matter of minutes or hours?

Think of brainstorming. A simple trick for producing many different ideas. 
Now imagine a tool for moving things in the other direction: taking many disparate thoughts and distilling them down into one single, shining idea that encapsulates the whole.

Being truthful is the root of beautiful projects

It's all too easy to start work on something, to invest a lot in one course of action, without ever properly checking whether you're heading in the right direction. 

With the Very Clear Ideas process you have the opportunity to 'audit' ideas before you throw yourself into realising them. 

"I am in search of the simple, elegant, sedcutive, maybe even obvious IDEA. With this in my pocket I cannot fail." Tibor Kalman

From entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, the usefulness of a well defined purpose is increasingly taken for granted. You have to be able to explain what you are doing and how you are doing it and why you are doing it. If you can explain what you're doing, then you can get the help you need. People know how to contribute. People know whether they should be involved or not. 

For many, even though purpose has become a necessity, the process of arriving at one is still haphazard. Still shrouded in mystery.

Very Clear Ideas takes away the mystery from finding your purpose.

The day itself will be a mixture of theory and practice: outlining the Very Clear Ideas process and the philosophy behind it, then applying the process to real needs.

If you would like to be clearer on what you're doing, please come along.
The workshop is particularly well suited to coaches and consultants who would like to be able to add this process to their existing practice. (It seems to work particularly well for those already proficient in NVC, constellations, source theory, gestalt.)

Your host for the workshop, Charles Davies, is the author of Very Clear Ideas. He has taken hundreds of people through the process and regularly trains other people to work as facilitators too. Charles has worked as a consultant for the past decade, working primarily with entrepreneurs, though his background was originally in journalism. Along the way he has been features editor of a leading fashion magazine, a stand-up comic, a teacher, a poet, a songwriter, a campaign designer, a creative strategist and a theatremaker.

“Charles has the capacity to tear apart your ideas and sew them back up again with renewed life, and clarity like you’ve never had before.” 
- Fiona Duffy, The Happy Startup School, Brighton

“Coaching at its finest and most transformational”
- Karen Gartside, Reteam Ltd, Chicago

“I would recommend Charlie to anyone who wants to understand their purpose, unleash their potential, understand their relationship to money or just generally needs a massive shove into first gear.”
- Caroline Yetman, Director, Bright Cultures, UK

ou can book your place by contacting Francois Milis at lemondensoi@outlook.com.
The fee for the day is €120.


Jan 7

A Very Clear New Year

What will you do in 2016?
What will you prioritise?
Do you know where you're going in the next 12 months?

As everything winds down for Christmas and the slow first days of January lie ahead, it's a natural time to look back over the year that's passed and start making plans for the one that is coming. 

And everyone knows that New Year's Resolutions are fun, but futile.

If you want to be clear next year, the Very Clear Ideas process can quickly uncover where you are and what matters most. 

'A Very Clear New Year' is a one-hour Skype session that starts with the question: What will I be doing next year?
Through questioning and conversation, you can get clear on competing interests, creative blocks and unexamined assumptions.
At the end, you can leave with a one-liner that sums up your intention for 2016. 

A one-liner... and focus, passion, enthusiasm and a crystal clear vision for the year ahead.

"That was great. I feel very, very motivated now: the ideas are really much more clear." - Catia, December 2015

"Amazing. Four new customers in this week, by being clear. The best workshop ever." - Fenny, December 2015

Dec 10

Very Clear in Amsterdam - individual sessions

If you'd like to get clear on your purpose and you live in Holland, two and three-hour sessions are available in-person from 3-10 December.

Just bring a burning question, an idea you would like to get clearer - or a vague, inarticulate sense of what you might like to be doing. Any of those make good starting points.

"Very Clear Ideas is one of the most powerful and simple tools in my toolkit." - Max St John, Wild Things

"Charles has the capacity to tear apart your ideas and sew them back together again with renewed life and clarity like you've never had before." - Fiona Duffy, Happy Startup School

Get in touch with Charlie at hello@charlesdavies.com to arrange a time.

Nov 17

How to be clear @ Kaospilots Bern

This is a private workshop, but it does mean in-person Clear Ideas coaching sessions will be available in Switzerland (Zurich and Bern) from 13th-20th November. If you would like to reserve a time, write to Charles at hello@charlesdavies.com.

2:00 pm14:00

An introduction to Creative Order

As part of this workshop at the Meaning conference in Brighton, Charles will briefly introduce the Very Clear Ideas process. The rest of the session will be devoted to the broader subject of how to collaborate with purpose.

"Tom Nixon and Charles Davies: Why do so many purposeful ideas fail to materialise? Tom and Charles will present Creative Order - a new answer to this challenge. It's a refreshingly natural approach to collaboration and organisational thinking, drawing on the successes and failures of NixonMcInnes and hundreds of other initiatives."