The simplest way to find and express
your purpose.

Whatever you're working on, find a way to express it simply.
Book a dedicated one-on-one session with the creator of the Clear Ideas process.

Very Clear Ideas
- FULL Session


Your purpose in life? Your new project? The next step in your career? The vision for your business? Whenever there is something that could do with being clearer, a Clear Ideas session can help you tune into what's true - and find the words to capture it perfectly.

"A great experience that brought clarity to what I was trying to do with my start-up. I continue to use the output of our session to guide what I do…. highly valuable."
- Richard Eason, Cyclefox


Very Clear IdeaS
- EXPRESS Session




If you only have an hour, but there's something specific that you need to get clearer, this straight-to-the-point clarity session will help you cut through the fuzz.

"An unforgettable talk. Short but so powerful. Very, VERY, insightful. It was a talk where almost every word made sense, was valuable. Even the silence."
- Titia Bruning, Knowmads Business School, Amsterdam


A Clear Day



For those who would like to explore their purpose in depth. A chance to find clarity and explore multiple projects. This can be a good option if you are in the process of changing career, transforming your company or starting work on a major new project.

“Charles has the capacity to tear apart your ideas and sew them back up again with renewed life, and clarity like you’ve never had before.” 
- Fiona Duffy, The Happy Startup School, Brighton


Clear Coaching



Ongoing support to keep your project on track and true to the original vision. Get clear on your monthly, yearly and lifelong priorities and develop a practice of being clear in every step of what you do.

“Coaching at its finest and most transformational”
- Karen Gartside, Reteam Ltd, Chicago