Very Clear Ideas is a systematic process for producing clearer ideas.

You can start with an idea that's not very clear. Or an idea that isn't really even an idea at all. Or just a feeling.
Step-by-step you get clearer on the feeling - until there's a certainty and clarity that you can bring to the work you're doing.

Here, idea, is used interchangeably with purpose or vision or any other word that points to an imagined action that we might carry out in order to meet a need.

The process started out as a set of criteria for what makes a good story. Back in 2002 I was working as Features Editor for a well-loved fashion and pop culture magazine and noticed that there was really no conscious process by which we decided what was a good story or not. It was all hunch. But I felt sure there was a process. There were rules we were sticking to - we just weren't conscious what they were.

A flash of inspiration, followed by three months of thinking and writing and rewriting (on various beaches in Thailand) resulted in a prototype of a reliable, repeatable, systematic process for producing clear ideas. I called it 'storyforming' and, on returning to London, I used it to help dozens of entrepreneurs and businesses get clear on what they were doing.


Over the next seven or eight years it developed into an increasingly formalised system, where I followed the same set procedure and it led reliably to the same results. The end point of that evolution is the current Very Clear Ideas process. Bar a few small refinements, it's been largely unchanged the last three years. And it's been used hundreds and hundreds of times - by me and by those I've taught to use it.

If you'd like to get clear on what you're doing at work, I offer Very Clear Ideas sessions by Skype.

If you'd like to learn how to use the process yourself, and how to lead others through it, there are workshops throughout the year in Switzerland, Holland and the UK.

If you have a company that aspires to be more purposeful - and you'd like your employees to be clear on their own personal purposes - then Very Clear Ideas can give them the skills.

Charles Davies
Autumn, 2015